“The revolutionary shower cap for women of color.”

The natural hair movement has swept across the nation and all hair textures are being celebrated and embraced by all. Twist outs, braid outs, and bantu knots are among some of the natural hairstyles being rocked by women of color. These styles are beautiful and have such a positive affect on self confidence and self acceptance. But a woman on-the-go sometimes has to give the finger coils a rest for lack of time and settle for a nice pair of braids, faux locs, or twists. A common issue in the life of a woman with long heavy hairstyles like these is this: figuring out what to do with it when it’s time to get in the shower. Perhaps you’ve been the woman using a t-shirt and grocery bag as a substitute for a shower cap. Standing stiff-necked under the shower head in the fear that your style will fall out and get wet. The long, tedious process of wrapping your hair for the shower completely negates the idea of having such a quick, easy hairstyle.

Kinky Kaps has invented the solution to this shared problem. We bring to you the Shower Turban, a shower cap large enough to fit all of your long heavy hair inside, keep it secure, and dry. No more will you tie plastic bags around your head. Or raid your wardrobe for a piece of clothing that you believe could be a quick fix. Save that extra ten minutes by educating yourself on a product that is sure to change your shower routine forever.

Our Goal

Kinky Kaps aims to empower and inspire African American women to embrace their natural hair in all it’s untamed beauty. We will provide new, innovative hair accessories that bring ease to your everyday hair routine, whether it is tucked away in a protective style or flowing free for all to see.